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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Lea Bridge and Bow Woods

We didn't go far this week just up the road to Lea Bridge, we parked outside the John Smedley factory at about 06:55 and it was still quite dark. We set off onto the footpath leading through Bow Woods. We soon got to the tree which has given its name to the woods. You can comfortably walk under it. Continuing on the track the next thing we found was the blue plaque for Alison Utterly the Derbyshire children's author who wrote over 100 books. We passed her home which is partly concealed in the trees but got a better view of it from further up the hill. While walking up this section of the hill we had fabulous views over the valley towards Willersley Castle nestled among the trees in the beautiful autumn sunlight. We walked past Bilberry Knowle and then downhill to Hearthstone Farm, followed the track until we came out on Littlemoor Lane. The road wound its way back to Lea Bridge and the car but we did a quick detour behind the Smedley factory then back to the car.

This weeks route from Lea Bridge

A frost covered car at Lea Bridge

John Smedley factory entrance

The tree that gives its name to Bow Wood

Alison Utterly plaque and former home

View over the valley to Willersley Castle

Castle Top Farm

Willersley Castle


Rob & Ike

Badge on the end of a bench

Ike & Rob

Radcliffe power station 20 miles away on the horizon

Young lambs in November

Riber Castle

Shetland pony

Ike feeding his friend

Cold breath from the horse

Geoff having a cuppa

Penny Farthing

One of the war memorials on the wall at John Smedley

 A cracking walk about 4 1/2 miles in lovely crisp conditions. When we go out we never know what we are going to see and today threw up some real surprises. It started with Alison Utterly's home, great views of Willersley Castle, young lambs (in November), Riber Castle, a Shetland pony and a penny farthing being ridden by a man clad in Lycra.
See you next week