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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Longshaw Estate Looking for Cuckoo's

Just 3 of us this week, me driving, Geoff and Ike and Ike wanted to go and see if we could (A) hear a cuckoo and (B) See a cuckoo.
So we headed up to Longshaw Estate parking at the Longshaw Pole car park. The car park was occupied with a herd of cows and i was hoping they didn't decide to scratch themselves against my car while we were out. We followed the track that went generally south and just followed it around stopping for photographs and we found some nice logs to sit on for our breakfast.We bumped into a ranger and spent 10 minutes talking to him and then a lady walker who came and joined us while we were sitting having breakfast. We had made a small detour to see if we could spot the train line  before they disappeared into Totley Tunnel. Geoff had seen it several years before but unfortunately there is to much vegetation now obscuring the view. After breakfast we carried on and ended up at the lake where we saw a couple of Mandarin ducks and a family of Mallards. We walked up to the visitor centre and then back along the track to the car.

Route around Longshaw Estate

Crows nest at the bottom of Geoff's garden

A calf in the car park

Looks like its laughing

Ladywash Mine

Ike & Geoff 

A bit of a shock seeing these two ripping through the woods

Geoff & Ike with Millstone Edge in the background

Looking over to Over Owler Tor on the horizon

This is a Jay but it was a long way in the distance

Geoff & lady walker

Geoff folding up his jumper

Mother Cap & Over Owler Tor

This is the lower outcrop, Owler Tor


Longshaw lake

Geoff & Ike


Ike's shadow

Back of the Longshaw visitor Centre

Herd of cows

Got a blue rinse 

The Longshaw Pole

This was a cracking walk, some of the paths not been on before. We met a couple of lovely people and the views were stunning. 
We heard the Cuckoo several times but failed to see one.
See you next week