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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Trip Around Shipley Park (Old American Adventure)

First time for weeks all 4 together and Ike had a birthday through the week, he was 72 on Valentines Day, so happy birthday Ike.
We set off at 07:00 in Robs car and it was quite nice although the car temperature gauge was reading 3 degrees. We thought we would have a trip to Shipley Park walking on hard standing so we parked up near Osbourne's Pond. Got booted up and went onto the Nutbrook Trail past Osbourne's Pond and Shipley Woodside Colliery. We bumped into a couple of lads with drones, fantastic machines then around the bottom of the big lake and up into the grounds of Shipley Hall where we stopped for breakfast. There was lots of area's covered in Snowdrops around the hall grounds. After breakfast we were back on the track and past the Tea Rooms then back to Osbourne's Pond where the swans were nibbling at me and our Rob. Back to the car and Rob thought we would have a quick visit to Mapperley reservoir. There was a few fishermen about and we were lucky enough to spot a Kingfisher.

This weeks map around Shipley and the Old American Adventure Park

Swan in Osbourne's Pond

Osbourne's Pond

Apparently this is some sort of Commune

Cant see the wood for the trees

Old pit head in Shipley Park


One of the drones

Couple of lads with drones


Te Good, the bad and the ugly, you can work out which is which lol

Outflow from the big lake

The lake at Shipley Park

Barking mad


Lovely misty woods


Love this tree looming out of the mist


More snowdrops

The only bit of colour in the woods

Swan having a nibble

Hi Ho Silver

Ducks streamlining on Mapperley Res

Met some fishermen at Mapperley res

Fence Post made from steel rail stock


Tree loving duck

Shot at the bottom of our Robs garden

A great little walk, although the light was rubbish it did give a bit of atmospheric lighting especially through the trees. 
See you next week

Monday, 12 February 2018

Local Wildlife

Got the dreaded lurgy so couldn't get out with the boys on Sunday so i thought i would share a few of my wildlife pics (not in any order). Particularly take note of the cock pheasants fighting over territorial rights.

Hopefully be back to normal next week.