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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Roystone Grange in the Mist

$ of us this week and we headed up towards Via Gellia which was unfortunately closed so we had to divert through Middleton and Longstone to get to our destination at Minninglow Car Park. We got parked up in heavy mist, we were the first in the car park until a boy racer came into the car park doing hand brake turns, prat. Anyway we headed on our way towards Roystone Grange. We went past Roystone Cottages and then onto the Roystone Grange Farm and the Pumphouse. The building is in fact a pump house whose engine used to send pressurised air to power the pneumatic drills used in the quarries close by. After passing the pumphouse we walked up Daisy Bank and eventually to Daisy Bank Cottage which is now used as a store for the farmer. There was still heavy mist about and we decided to have our breakfast in amongst the straw bales. Somehow my bottle of water disappeared down through the bales and we had to move a couple of them to get it back. A lovely old building but the mist was even streaming through the openings in there. From there it was only a few yards onto the old railway track (Now the high peak trail). We went past the old lime kiln and whats left of the rusting crane and then back to the car park (which was now full)

This weeks route

A very misty Minninglow Car Park

Look at the rounded edges on the brick piers

Roystone Grange Farm

Think this is a horse brush

Roystone Pumphouse provided compressed air to power the tools in the local quarries.

This is an old mine entrance that we went into a few years ago, its now blocked up

Ike, Rob and Geoff looking into a big hole

Nice big Dew pond

The woods just disappeared in the mist

Hole in the wall for sheep to get through

Ike approaching the Daisy Bank Cottage where we had our breakfast

Me and Rob

Geoff and me combined age of 152

Ike looming out of the mist

Lime kiln

Old rusting crane

Bikers get everywhere

We had a brief relaxing of the mist

Huge embankment heading back to the car park

Our only glimpse of Minninglow just in the mist.

When i got dropped off i went straight down to Belper because there was a special event going on that was supposed to leave at 11:30, i got to the Triangle at 11:45 and it was obvious by the people standing around it hadn't went past yet so i quickly parked up and just in time when the coach and horses came by. A brilliant sight with a horn being sounded and some of the passengers looking the part. Then to top it off a WW2 German war plane on the back of a trailer came around the corner.

Tantivy passing along Bridge Street towards the Triangle

WW2 German war plane

Despite the rubbish weather and light this was again a very interesting walk, it was worth it just for the breakfast in the barn sitting on bales of hay. 
See you next week