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Sunday, 17 September 2017

A trip up to Snake Pass

We set off at 05:00 this morning in Ike's car heading for Snake Pass, when we set off the sky was clear with stars twinkling and everything looked good. We arrived at the top of Snake Pass where the Pennine way crosses the road. We were intending to go to the crash site for the B29 fortress bomber that crashed in 1947. We have been to this before probably 10 years ago but we could see the hillside where it crashed was covered in low lying mist. We walked quite a long way up the tack but the visibility was just getting worse, we got 1 1/2 miles from the road and decided it wasn't worth going on so we turned back. the trouble with this area is the fact that you are walking in deep tracks in the land some of which are over 10 feet and you just cannot see anything. If we had a view on the track we would have carried on. We got back to the car and the hill cleared briefly but was generally still covered in mist. We drove down to the Snake Pass Inn and stopped to take a couple of pics. Back into the car and we ended up at the parking spot on Bamford Edge where we had our breakfast. The sun had come out affording some cracking views over towards Castleton and the Hope Valley Cement Works. After breakfast we headed back home.

This weeks route on the Pennine Way

Still very dull when we arrived

The crash site was on this mist covered hill

The early stages are OK with plenty of visibility

Still a bit of heather around

Dead bird

Soon got into the deep tracks where you cant see over the top

One of the stone markers

A bit wet by now Rob, Ike and Geoff

Looking back across the Snake Pass

Stairway to heaven

For a very brief moment the hill was clear

Covered in mist again

Snake Pass Inn


The Hope Valley Cement Works

Some folks going up onto Bamford Edge

Mam Tor on the right

Win Hill in the sunshine

Ike, Geoff and Rob

A disappointing morning because we didn't get to the crash site but still a pleasant outing. Only managed about a 3 mile walk but we did eventually get some lovely Derbyshire views.
See you next week.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Baslow Edge and the Highland Cattle

We set off from Belper at 06:00 all four of us in our Robs car. We headed up to Curbar and parked in one of the parking bays just under Curbar Edge. We got booted up and walked down towards the village then made a left turn onto the footpath. This was one of the lower footpaths below Baslow Edge. It was a mixture of hard surface, single track footpaths and across open fields. The track leads towards the outskirts of Baslow then it heads uphill all the way to the start of Baslow Edge. A couple of fell runners came past us on the way up and the same one coming back down again. We found a nice bench at the top and that was just right for our breakfast. I had a wander to Wellingtons Monument and bumped into a friend of mine Daren Roe from my photo club. Couldn't get near the monument for Highland cattle, they were being a bit frisky and had calves with them so it was best to keep away. We walked back along the edge to Curbar Gap with Daren and then down to the car.

Sunrising over Beely Church

We parked up on the road below Curbar /edge

A memorial seat

Not sure what this structure has been but looks like it had a window

Fell runner passed us on the way up and then on the way down

Chatsworth house in the distance

The fell runner on the way down.

Breakfast stop

Bumped into a friend of mine at Wellingtons Monument

Couldn't get near the monument for the cattle.


Me on the Anvil Stone


Daren at the /anvil Stone


Just nice views towards Curbar Edge 

This was a nice little walk of 4 miles, with quite a climb from Baslow up to the edge. Some of these paths we havent been on before and although the light was poor we had some nice views.
See you next week